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“Art is a line around your thoughts.”

Gustav Klimt 


B.F.A, M.A.T, MICA Grad

Growing up my passion had always been art. From a young age, my parents enrolled me in art classes, and I knew that creating was the only path for me. Into my early teen years and onward, I focused on ceramic lessons. I loved the clay medium and all of its possibilities. After high school, I was accepted into the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and received my bachelor's degree in Fine Art (BFA.) After graduation, I worked as an art consultant for a gallery in the Baltimore/Washington area. Shortly afterward, I decided to return to MICA to receive my master's degree in art teaching (MAT.) After graduating I worked for three years in the Maryland public schools as an art teacher grades K-5. After getting married and relocating to New Jersey, I decided to open up my own art studio and got daycare certified. I teach all media: painting, drawing, ceramics, paper mache; the list goes on. I also help students with their college portfolio preparation, and to date, 100% of my students pursuing the arts have been accepted into prestigious art schools, such as Parsons, MICA, Rutgers Mason Gross, to name a few. I also teach adult art classes which many of my former college graduates join.

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Alisa, Parent

As a mom, I was so impressed with the diversified lessons taught throughout the years my kids were enrolled. Ms. Denise was able to teach multiple techniques at each skill level. Uniqueness and individuality were reinforced. History and period work was studied and students were challenged to work outside of their comfort zone in order to expand their abilities. Her studio always has a calming and positive energy and Ms. Denise was and continues to be a special teacher who has shaped my children into the young men they are today.


Nicolette, Student

I was a student of Denise’s for 8+ years, I started taking classes in middle school and continued until I graduated high school. During that time I learned so much about all different types of art including sculpting, different painting styles and using different types of paint such as acrylic and water color. We also learned how to use oil and chalk pastels. I personally loved doing our master paintings each year and usually chose paintings by Monet or Picasso. included in the gallery are some of my favorite pieces I created over the years.


Sarah, Student


Orielle, Student

Denise is absolutely amazing, She helped me get my college portfolio ready in less than 4 months and got me into all the schools I wanted! She taught me about concept development, color theory, and fine art skills.Now after graduating SCAD with a BFA in Fashion Design I am a ready to Wear Designer for Anna Sui. I see the pieces I’ve designed go down the runway, and I have no one to thank but Denise for giving me the confidence and skill to go after an industry that’s so competitive”

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Tyler, Student

Having Mrs. Denise for an art teacher was great! We got to work with everything from clay to oil pastel to paper mache, but regardless of the materials we were working with every lesson was great and informative! I got to work on some really fun projects alongside some other really talented artist friends of mine and overall had a great time! Thank you for everything you’ve taught me!

My journey at Scribble & Sculpt began in the second grade and I continued to attend until my senior year of highschool. Denise always taught at a college level, even when I was only 8 years old! Scribble & Sculpt will always hold a very special place in my heart and I’m forever grateful to Denise’s encouragement and endless support. I went on to study illustration at Parsons: The New School for Design in NYC. At Scribble & Sculpt, I learned all the fundamentals from painting to sculpture and everything in between and it really helped when I got into college because I had knowledge of every medium. After graduation, I moved to Oregon to intern and then work at a stop-motion animation company called LAIKA Studios. At LAIKA, I was Costume Design Assistant and now I’m currently a Junior Costume Fabricator. I also worked at theSkimm, a news publication company, where I was an Illustrator/Graphic Designer and illustrated their book, How to Skimm Your Life. Thank you so much Denise, for giving me the courage to chase my dreams as an artist and for always believing in me!

See more of my work on my Instagram page and portfolio link! 

Instagram: @fabesland


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