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Ceramics Classes

Make Millstone Art Classes a Family Affair

Life is busy. When you have a family, it gets even busier. Between work, school, play dates, after school sports and extracurriculars, and the hundreds of other things people find their schedules full of, family time is usually not one of them.

We do not ignore our loved ones on purpose, but it is easy to let time slip away with so many other things needing to be done. This is why it’s imperative that, as parents, we make family time a priority- not an “if we have time”.

Then there are those of us with preteens and teenagers who would rather stare at their screens all day than look up and talk with their parents. If you are part of this crew, you are probably wondering just how you are supposed to get your family interacting with one another.

The key to family time is to make sure everyone is engaged in something interesting and preferably creative. Art classes are a great way to do this.

Having your family interact around the dinner table might be a challenge, but put everyone in front of a glob of clay in ceramics classes and you will quickly have something to laugh and talk about.

Art has been shown to:


  • Reduce anxiety and negative feelings

  • Increase dopamine levels to create positive feelings

  • Promote relaxation

With all of these benefits occurring while your family is interacting with one another, it greatly increases the chances of fun times and happy memories. You can then decorate your home with your own artwork, leading to smiles and fond feelings for years to come.

Don’t let any more time pass without quality time with your loved ones. At Scribble and Sculpt, we offer art classes for ages five and up, including drawing classes, painting classes, and ceramics classes. Give us a call today for more information.

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