Painting Classes

  How Painting Classes Encourage Mental and Emotional Health

Painting classes are not just about colors, paintbrushes, and what might be conceived as a mess. They actually provide several benefits to participants. The following are just a few benefits you can experience from joining Freehold art classes.

Encourages Creativity

Painting classes encourage students to be creative. Creativity not only provides a great outlet for thoughts and emotions, but it also helps with problem-solving skills by stretching their thinking.

Improves Memory

Painting and other forms of self-expression, such as drawing and writing, have been shown to keep the mind sharp even as it ages, leading to less of a chance of memory loss later in life.

Express Emotions in a Healthy Manner

Emotions can be difficult to express for most of us, and often, they get pushed deep down inside. This is not healthy for several reasons, one of which is how it causes us to react to situations and interact with people we love.

Too many memories shoved to the side can lead to deep depression, anger, and more. Painting gives you the ability to express your emotions in a healthy way, and it can usually help to bring buried emotions to the surface.

Releases Happiness

Dopamine is the “happy hormone”. It is actually a neurotransmitter that sends messages between neurons, among other things. When it is released, so is a feeling of happiness. Painting releases dopamine, so you not only feel good during painting but it improves your mood overall.

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Thanks to the ability to express one’s emotions and the release of dopamine, the stress, and anxiety of daily life tend to roll away. As the stress and anxiety escape, it opens the door for more logical solutions to problems that are causing that stress in the first place.

While all of these benefits are incredible enough, there are many others that would take too long to mention here. One important thing to note, though, is that your emotional health and mental health both have a direct effect on your physical health, so many people experience physical benefits as well.

Take advantage of all painting has to offer. Contact us today to register for our Freehold art classes.

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